Sunday, August 31, 2008

Three Years Later

Here are some very powerful videos of the Katrina disaster now and then. Let's hope Gustav doesn't do the same. My prayers go out to everyone.

August 29th, 2005 The day Katrina hit. Wow really helpful.
And this could be our next president? I don't think so!

In the midst of a three year anniversary of hurricane Katrina we are faced with another potential disaster with hurricane Gustav. The complete and utter failure of the government with Katrina just resonates the message of what this current administration is all about. These pictures are proof of how little Bush and McCain care about the people in this country. If it wasn't for the kindness that lies within the American people nothing would have gotten done. This is what Barack Obama has been saying all along. That ordinary people can do extraordinary things. I realize that the Bush administration along with John McSame are doing there best to not look like fools once again. But let us not forget about Katrina and how little the government is still doing to help these victims. The people of New Orleans, Mississippi, and all over the country are the ones who have been doing the work, not the government.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Witnessing History In The Making!!!!!!!

I am speechless. I assume it was what people must have felt watching Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy. I am sure they knew they were witnessing history in the making. That is how I felt last night when I watched Barack Obama speak. Truly amazing. We are what we have been waiting for. I am beginning to have faith once again. That Americans can look beyond the small differences and see the big picture of what really matters. A great day for us all!!!!!!

P.S. Here is the speech if you missed it. Push pause on the music on the bottom of the blog to listen. Enjoy!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so amazed by the democratic convention tonight. It was so much more than I had imagined. The fact that Ted Kennedy made it, even though he is dealing with brain cancer and recovery, was just a testament of how much people believe this country can be again what it needs to be and how much people believe in Barack Obama. When Michelle spoke it was inspirational yet so real. Their story is the story of so many people who work hard for what they believe in. I had tears running down my face. It boggles me that anyone who is struggling to get by and has been hurt by the faults of this current administration could vote republican. The same man who is constantly talking about his service as a POW is the same man who voted against the GI bill. He's the same guy who doesn't know how many houses he owns. The same guy who has voted against women's issues 98% of the time. He has voted for the failed policies of Bush 95% of the time. He is a war monger who is out of touch with the American people. We are desperately in need of a new direction. It is the fierce urgency of now. I know there are people that don't agree with me and that is their choice. I am for Obama all the way. I have a dream. My dream is that we can have a president that truly serves the people of the united states. That can make this country a better place for my children. They are my life and if we continue to live and treat the earth the way we do there will be nothing left for them. I want my children to say wow our parents really had a chance to the change the world and they did. Not, wow our parents really blew it. I am someone who has been a part of the struggle. I have dealt first hand with our faulty health care system. It is amazing how your life can literally change over night. I know there are so many people struggling to get by. It is sad when it's a real accomplishment in America, today, if you are able to pay your bills every month. In fact, I am just grateful we some how, by the grace of god are able to make it every month. People all over the country are losing their houses, jobs, and lives. Our military is stretched thin because of a war that was built upon lies. Our economy is in the gutter. All of these issues can be remedied if we act now. I know this my be a rant to some, but it is the truth. Our future lies within our reach and our future is OBAMA/BIDEN 08'.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Children's Hands On Museum

Here come the medics
The push pin wall.
Of course they loved the trains!The ball shoot
Watching for ships Picking apples from the tree
Other side of the push pin wall.
Water sensory table
Floating boats
Sensory table. They loved this.
Hey look at us!
Cameron watering the garden.

Today was warm but dreary. I decided to take the boys to the Hands On Museum in downtown Olympia. It is so much fun. There are so many different stations to keep the kids busy. Both of them loved it and they didn't want to leave when it was closing time. It is so amazing to experience things through the eyes of a child. I LOVE being a mom.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another day at the fountain!!!!

Getting sprayed
Hi mommy
The boys
I want out

Here are some videos of the fountain.

We went to the fountain in Olympia again today. This time Dave joined in with Cameron. Colten wasn't feeling it as much. He was more into watching and running around the fountain. It was a nice day!!!

T-Ball Is Over!!

Look at my trophy!!!
Sooo proud
Colten joining in
I got it!!
Hey batter batter!!

Well Cameron had his last t-ball game on friday. It was 95 degrees out too!! He was so proud of his trophy. We are proud of him for completing the season. He had the nicest coach. Her name was Katie. They base it mostly on fun which is great! Way to go Cam!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Hero!!! Please Keep Him In Your Thoughts

What an amazing child!!

Just wanted to ask every one to please keep Cameron in your thoughts and prayers. We are starting to wean him off of his anti-convulsive medication. We're are hoping it all goes well and we don't see any seizures. He is truly my hero. He has gone through a lot in his 5 years of life. We feel blessed that his epilepsy has been quite managable but of course like any parent we would love it if his life didn't have epilepsy in it. A life that isn't timed around medications, appointments, blood draws and all of the other tests he has endured. What I have learned the most from all that we have gone through the past couple of years is love your family and don't take life for granted. Peace and love to you all.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We Miss You Hayden!!!

Bye Hay Hay!!!!
What a great kid!!
This is Colten's new cheese smile!!
We love our Dad!!!
Hey let me give you a little kiss
One, two, three wheeeee!!!!!!
Hayden and Nicholas
Colten playing with his tracks

Last week Hayden headed back to his mom's house in LA. The whole way home from the airport Cameron kept saying I miss my brother. The two of them are attached at the hip. It is so nice to see them play together. The night before he left a bunch of family members came over to say goodbye. We all had a fun goofing off!!! It was so nice to have Hayden here, like always. He is such a great brother and a wonderful helper. We love and miss you buddy!!!!!! We enjoy every minute we get to spend with you and we are looking forward to Christmas already!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wild Waves

Hayden getting off of the Python

Cam and Dave getting off of the Python

Wild WavesGrandma and the boys Phew it's hot out here!
Hayden getting ready to go Mommy and Cam Colten at the parkDoesn't this look like Fun?!?!!!
Becky and Dave with Tank and AuroraHey got any water?Baby Nicholas enjoying the shadeI love my cousin Nico!!!!!!

A couple of weekends ago we got to go to the Wild Waves theme park in Seattle. Grandma and grandpa Durbin took all of us and Uncle Mike came too. We had a great time and the boys all loved it!!!! Thanks Steve and Kathy!!! Afterwards Cam and Hayden went home with the grandparents and the rest of us went back to Mike and Becky's house. We took the dogs (Aurora and Tank) to the nearby park. They had this really cool water discovery area. The water shot out of little fountains in the ground. They also had this tall spout that was about 6' tall. It had faucets at the top that filled little buckets and when they were full they dumped water all over the kids. Colten loved it!!!!! It's always nice to end a lovely day with a trip to the park!