Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Boys Skating Again!!

Here's Hayden going down a big ramp.

Cameron going down a ramp.

Hayden going down the big ramp again.
Here are three videos of Hayden and Cameron at the skate park today. I didn't get Hayden dropping in on the quarter pipe on video. Cameron dropped in on the "big ramp" as well (the same ramp that Hayden did in the videos) and cleared it both times but I didn't get that on video either. Oh well I will have to get it next time I guess. They both needed a little coaxing but accomplished a lot today. They were awesome!!!! Colten spent his time running around and skating on his belly. Dave came with us too. I spent most of my time talking Cameron into going on ramps. I knew once he did it he wouldn't be afraid. His eyes were HUGE when he went down the bigger ramp. He was proud that he made it without crashing. He told me in the car he broke his scares (meaning fears) away. Too funny! Hayden didn't think he could drop in on the quarter pipe but Dave kept encouraging him and he did it no problem. We are so proud of them.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun at Pacific Beach!

This was the second day.
Having fun!
Leah flying her Barbie kite.
The kids stripped down the first night after getting soaked.
Nicholas discovering the sand.
Doing the army crawl.
Mmmmm sand.
Splashing in the waves.
Soooo wet!
Walking on air.
Like father like son.
All the Ladies.
This was the pose Leah gave me. Too cute!!
Serious discussion.
Loving the sand.
Soccer anyone?
Building castles.
Nico and Mike at the park.

Here is a video of the beach.

A week ago we went with the Durbin family to Pacific Beach. It was so nice and we all had a great time. The kids were all so good and had a blast together. You could drive your car down to the beach and the sand was wonderful. It was fun watching all the little cousins play together. We hope to go again while Hayden is here seeing as it is only an hour and a half drive away.

What a "Little" Skater!!!!!!!!

The Big Ramp!
Run Colten run!
More skating.
Look at me go!
Nice balance.
Gearing up.

Here is a video of Cameron skating.

Two weeks ago I took Cameron and Colten to the skate park. We go when all the teens are asleep or in school. He is getting quite good I would say. Colten loves sliding down the ramps and riding on his belly. Cameron tried a big ramp and did really good but got a good elbow burn from the concrete afterwards. I told him getting hurt just means you're doing it right and that all the pros have gotten lots of bumps and bruises along the way. He thought he was pretty cool after that.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Big Tiger!!!!!

Colten enjoying the show.
Here come the Tigers!!
Circus fun!
What a nice looking Tiger!
Okay Mom enough already!

Here is a little video of Cam the Tiger!

Well June 3rd was Cameron's last backyard circus with Sparkleberry's. He luckily made it after being very sick the past few days. It is hard to believe he is 6. I know he is definitely ready for kindergarten in the fall. He has grown so much the past year it is amazing. We are so proud of him!!!! Next Colten will be at Sparkleberry's. Seriously, they are the best preschool teachers in the world. They are so kind and loving and helpful. They bend over backwards at there job I am so grateful to them. Good job Cam and thank you Sparkleberry's!!!!!!!!!