Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Colten the human piggy bank!!!!!

Sometimes in life we have days where we look up and say really?!? Yesterday was one of those days. They test us as people and as parents but at the same time make us stronger. I had found marker everywhere, by my oldest mind you, spilt coffee on the cleaned carpet, went to take a shower, finally, and the water was cold. Then Colten came in to tell me he needed a drink of water because he swallowed a quarter (which really means a penny or dime because he calls all coins a quarter). Luckily Dave came right home and I took Colten in. Sure enough as you can see he has a coin in his tummy!!! It's quite hilarious now. Now I get to check his poo everyday until it comes out! Fun!!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Trick or treat!! Hmmmm treat!
Ready to go!!

Okay so I am a little late......but better late than never, right!?! We went trick or treating with our friends the Lee's. Cam was a power ranger, again. Colten was of course Thomas. Kai was a cow. They got a lot of candy so I would say it was another successful Halloween!