Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Break!!

They love the water table.
Lots of moon sand.
Colten the chef.
Hayden the biker guy.
Cameron the ?????
Dave the...... well he is just plain goofy!!
Kai with his signature look of attack!!
Up in the tree house.
Hey!!! We're up here!!
Just having fun!
Look at me!
Cam was being silly wearing my slipper socks!
Laughing at his brothers.
What a helper!!
Here comes the airplane!

We had a wonderful spring break this year. It was especially great because Hayden was here. The boys had so much fun together just doing there everyday things. Kai finally got to meet Hayden and he took to him immediately. We went to the Hand's On Museum too. They had put in some new things like a moon sand table and it was a great time as usual. We are excited for summer to come so we can spend more time with Hayden. After he left Cameron said "It's just not the same without Hayden." They do all truly love each other and it is so fun to watch them interact.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Easter weekend!!

Which color should I choose?
Look at all those eggs.
Mommy's turn.
Check this out Mom!
What a smile.
Can we eat this?
Seeing what the Easter Bunny brought.
Mmmm cake!!
Chow time.
Becky and Nico.
Dave and Keegan
Almost 10!!!
What are you looking at?
Checking out his loot!
Hmmm where do I look next?
Such a pretty smile!
Found one!
Look what I have!
Some of the Durbin kids.

So I am getting behind here. Easter weekend was a lot of fun. First on Saturday we went to our nephew Nicholas 2nd birthday party. It was at Becky's parents house. It was a great time as always. They had an Easter egg hunt set up for kids. All the Durbin kids were there and it's always nice to see how well they all get along. Then on Easter we hung out as a family and enjoyed a nice relaxing day together with wonderful food. We are truly blessed.