Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dave, Hayden and Cameron's camping trip!!

We had been thinking about going camping this summer. Dave's good friend Scott suggested that he would bring his boat and Hayden's long time friend Alex and make a long weekend of it. He also brought his cousins Russell and Raymond. I decided to opt out this time since Kai was still in his "I like to put everything in my mouth that I find and choke" phase. I had Colten stay home with me too and we had fun going to Chuckee Cheese's, playing trains and anything else he wanted to do. So, he didn't mind getting so much attention to himself. Needless to say the boys all had a great time camping and Dave took a ton of pictures. They road bikes, swam in the lake, rode in Scott's boat, walked on the trail and got to eat all of the good junk that goes along with camping. Scott is such a good friend and the boys love him too! They really had a wonderful time and next summer we look forward to all of us going.

Day Out With Thomas The Train!!!

It's so hard to get a picture where everyone is
looking or smiling!
Mike and Keegan.
Thomas! Looking good!
View from the train.
Sweet baby.
Love these boys!
Love these boys too!!
Nico playing on one of the many
train tables.
Cam playing with Duplo's.
Big 4 year old having a blast.
Love those blue eyes.
Mike, Hayden, Nico and Becky listening to
the performer.
Silly boys!

When I saw that Day Out With Thomas was coming again this summer right around Colten's birthday, I knew we had to go. Anyone who knows our Colty knows he is a very BIG Thomas fan and has been since he was 1. Our nephew Nicholas, who is 2 now, is also a fan of Thomas so we wanted them all to come along too. We had a great time and all of the boys from 9 months to 10 years old had fun!!! Thanks Mike, Becky, Nico and Keegan for coming with us and sharing this special day with us. We love you all!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Colten is 4!!!!!!!

Our little Buzz!
Reach for the sky.
Make a wish.
Love these smiles!
Kai is done, can you tell?
Thomas cake....go figure!
Buzz Lightyear!
You can tell Hayden and Cam were excited
because they knew what it was.
It was a Toy Story and......
Thomas kind of day!
His own wings!
What could it be?

We love our little conductor so much. He is as sweet as he is stubborn. He knows how to make us smile. We love everything about him and can't believe it has been 4 years since we saw his precious face for the first time. Happy Birthday Colten!!! We love you with all of our heart. You are such a blessing and joy.

Fun on a sunny day!

Big 7 year old.
Daddy and Kai.
Blue eyes.
I'm going to get you!!

Here are some cute pictures of the boys playing out front on the slip 'n slide on a sunny day in July.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

4th of July at Sam and Morgan's house!!

Sooo many fireworks...........
soooooo pretty!!!!!!
Sweet Kaden!
Lil' Kai!!
Hayden, Kaden and Dominic ready for some fireworks.
Mommy and baby.
Brothers....Kaden and Dominic.
Ooooh look at that!
Veah and Kai swinging.
Sam, Veah and Colten walking on the trail.
Check it out!
Silly Dominic.
Starting the fireworks.
Look at that!!
A small portion of the fireworks we had.
Sam and Veah.
The boys getting settled inside the tree house.
This is a crazy picture.
Zip line.
Hayden flying on the zip line.
Colten and Neveah ..aren't they sweet!!
Whatcom falls.
Looking at the fish.
Bridge on the trail.
Morgan and Neveah.
Lots of boys!!
Hayden taking time for a picture.

For the 4th of July we went to our best friends Sam and Morgan's house in Bellingham, WA. Total there were 7 kids......needless to say we were busy. They have a tree house that the boys camped in and all of the girls and Kai slept inside. We had lots of fireworks and had lots of fun. We sure love our friends!!!