Sunday, July 12, 2009

Colten is 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One little monkey swinging from the tree.
Sand turtle (no not real)
Leaping Lemurs
3 Soon to Be 4!!
Good looking aren't they!
This walrus was actually really HUGE!!!!!
Love his "cheese" smile.
Penguins, one of Colten's favorites.
This was so cool!!!!! They loved it as you can tell.
So sweet.
Taking a nap.
Look at me climb!
Hungry Hippo!
Present time!!!!!
Yes.....more trains.
His new hoop!
New backpack and lunchbox
I love Thomas!!!!!
Make a wish.
Cake please.

Here's a quick video of the boys on the camel.

I can hardly believe that it has been 3 years already!!! We all went to the Tacoma Zoo to celebrate. The kids were so good that we lasted over 4 hours!!!! They even got to ride on a camel which was super cool! Then we came home and had cake and opened presents. It was nice day spent as a family. Happy Birthday Colten!! You are a blessing and we love having you in our lives!

Celebrating the 4th!!!!

Dave, Colten, Anders and Cam lounging.
The boys love the Roman Candles
Hayden getting his turn.
Anders watching the fireworks.
Alicia and Anders.
Exciting and loud.
Can you tell they are brothers?!?
Look at all of that fun stuff.

We had a wonderful 4th at our friends ( the Lee's) house. They had a BBQ and lots of fireworks so you know the boys loved that!! Well, mostly just the big boys. Colten wasn't as impressed this year. It's always fun to have good food with friends followed by a spectacular show!!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th too!!

Once Again Loving the Fountain!!!!

The boys and I went to the downtown fountain on a scorching day a week ago. As you can tell by the pictures it was fun as usual.


Lucky and Aurora partied out!
Cameron loves Talitha!
Hayden contemplating his next move.
Colten being his cute self!
No fear!
Hey...girls can do this too!!
Who are the kids in this picture?
Mmmmmm watermelon.
Alyssa and Talitha.
Love this picture!!!
Megan kept asking Colten if he was her buddy.
He would say no so she would tickle him!!!!!
Ken and Trelan.
Da boys.
Lyzette and Trelan.
Daddy's little girl.
Alex and Talitha. Can't you tell they're cousins?!?

So I borrowed these pics from our BBQ from the Astorga's site (thanks Jennifer) because I was forgetful with the camera that day. Anyways we had a bunch of friends over on June 20th and it was a great time. Lots of friends and cute kids. It was a great time. Can't wait to do it again!