Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cam's kindergarten graduation!!!

Almost time.
So excited.
Sweet boy.
Cam's class.
Getting ready to sing.
Getting his diploma.
Good looks run in the family!!
Singing the first grade song.
Cam and his friends.
Love these boys!!!
Proud graduate.
Cam and Mr. Nye.
The whole family.

Here is part of one of the songs.

We came into this year really just hoping that Cameron would have a good year. To us that meant make some friends an just overall do okay in class. His year was better than okay it was amazing. Sometimes it's so easy to forget that a few years ago we didn't know what next week was going to hold for Cameron, let a lone kindergarten. He has come so far and we couldn't be more proud or grateful. Another big part of his success was that he had the BEST teacher EVER!!! Mr. Nye was phenomenal. The kids adored him and so did the parents. It is hard to even put into words. Their ceremony was super cute and it was especially neat because we had Hayden here to share it as a family. We are so lucky and proud of all our kids!!!!

Kai the walker!!!

So Kai decided to take after Cameron and start walking pretty early. He started at a little over 9 1/2 months. He is all over the place now. He is just getting so big and we all love him so much!!