Thursday, December 17, 2009

First tooth to come in....first tooth to come out!!

Being so silly that he covered it up!
"Is this a big enough smile for you Mom?"

Cameron lost his first tooth!!! I kept wiggling it over the last week and it was soooo loose. He didn't want me to pull it with my fingers so I talked him into letting me tie a string around it. It came right out. The one right next to it is also loose. I can't believe he is this big already!! I told him to stop growing and he said "Mom you know I have no control over that"!!!! What a funny kid!

Just some cute pics of the boys!

I am in love with this picture........
and this one!!!
Love this smile!
Doing what boys do!!
Silly little Colten!
Got jelly?

Here are some pictures of they boys from the last few months.......enjoy!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

4 months and growing!

Pretty blue eyes!!
Look at those cheeks!!!
Playing with Talitha.
Mastering his excersaucer.
Hanging with Keegan.

Kai had his 4 month check up yesterday and boy is he growing. He is 17lbs. 4 oz. and 26 1/4 inches. He is high on the charts and oddly enough he is taller than he is chubby. He started rolling over at 3 1/2 months and hasn't stopped since. He can grab toys now and is just so much fun. He has the sweetest personality and the boys just can't get enough of him. Here are some pics from the last two months.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Colten the human piggy bank!!!!!

Sometimes in life we have days where we look up and say really?!? Yesterday was one of those days. They test us as people and as parents but at the same time make us stronger. I had found marker everywhere, by my oldest mind you, spilt coffee on the cleaned carpet, went to take a shower, finally, and the water was cold. Then Colten came in to tell me he needed a drink of water because he swallowed a quarter (which really means a penny or dime because he calls all coins a quarter). Luckily Dave came right home and I took Colten in. Sure enough as you can see he has a coin in his tummy!!! It's quite hilarious now. Now I get to check his poo everyday until it comes out! Fun!!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Trick or treat!! Hmmmm treat!
Ready to go!!

Okay so I am a little late......but better late than never, right!?! We went trick or treating with our friends the Lee's. Cam was a power ranger, again. Colten was of course Thomas. Kai was a cow. They got a lot of candy so I would say it was another successful Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Pumpkins

Just wanted to post our pumpkin pics. Cameron picked out one on his field trip so I said it would be mine so they could pick big ones at the pumpkin patch. I took them to the store and got pumpkin design books. It was a lot of work but they turned out great!! Cameron picked out a tiny one for Kai and we drew a face on it. Hope every one has a Happy Halloween!!

Pumpkin Patch

Snug as a bug.
Woo hoo!
set, go!!!
Hope no one nibbles on my back!
So cute!
Putting food in the cup for the goat walk.
Got it.
Feeding the goats.

On Wednesday we took a trip to the Hunter's farm pumpkin patch. It's the same one we have gone to every year. The weather was nice and clear that day so we really enjoyed ourselves. We fed the goats. It tickles when they eat out of your hands. Dave kept saying we should have one as a pet........nice try Dave. Dave took the boys through the hay maze and then the boys went down the big slide. After that we picked our pumpkins from the patch . It is so nice to create traditions as a family.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kindergarten Field Trip

Mr. Nye's Class
Petting the pig.
Meeting the animals
Dave told them to make a mean face.
Looking for the best pumpkin.
Cameron's friend Ryan.
Found a good one.
Cam and his Teacher Mr. Nye.
Bus ride.
Getting ready to go.

Cameron's kindergarten went to the pumpkin patch this week. Dave went with the class and had a great time. No siblings were aloud to go so I offered to stay home with the little ones. It's nice to have their Daddy do those things too. Here are some pictures that Dave took of their pumpkin adventure.

2 Months and Growing!!!!!!

Mr. Smiley
Ready to rumble.
Talking to Colten
Talking to his animal friends.
Colten being his cute self.
Talking to Cam.
Unhappy dinosaur.
Reading with Cam during tummy time.
Big boy!
Big smiley boy!

Our little Kai is not so little. He's quite high on the charts and it shows. He is 24 inches and 14 lbs. The size of a 4 month old. It is hard to believe that someone so cute can get even cuter every day. He likes to talk to the animals on his mobile. He giggles and smiles and is just a sweet baby. There is no shortage of love for him that's for sure. Cameron and Colten are doing good too. Cameron is reading and doing great in kindergarten. Colten has got his letters down and really wants to read like Cameron too!! He wants to do everything like his big brother. We love our boys so much!!!!!