Monday, September 14, 2009

One Month Already?!?!

Getting so big!
Likes his binky.

Best friends!!!
Noe and Talitha.
Loving Auntie Sam.
Partied out.
Leah hanging on the ramp.
Matthew having fun.
Nevaeh loved Cameron!!
Nevaeh and Cameron jumping in the bounce house.
Sleeping through his party.
Steph and Patty.
Becky, Jennifer and Talitha.
Did a tornado come through here?!?
Mike and Nico.
Becky and Talitha.

Has it really been a month already? It's crazy how fast the days are coming and going lately. Kai had his one month check up today. He is growing like crazy!! 11lbs. 130z. and 23 inches!! He's at the top of the charts needless to say and filling out wonderfully. He is so strong and is really starting to notice the world. We had a party on Saturday celebrating his arrival. Our dear friend Sam came up and hosted it. We all had a great time. There were so many kids it was crazy! I just feel blessed to have such good people in our lives and a wonderful little family.

First Day of Kindergarten!!

Getting ready to color.
So excited!
So big!

On Wednesday Cameron had his first day of kindergarten. He was so excited! His teacher, Mr. Nye, is really cool and seems to be a good fit for Cameron so far. I am so glad we waited a year. Cameron has grown so much and it shows. He told Dave that "kindergarten is so awesome Dad". We are so proud of him!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It Has Been a Wonderful Couple of Weeks!!

I love my baby brother!!!
Me too!!!!!
Smile Kai.
Still so little.

Elevator at Cabela's

Hangin' at Cabela's
Playing the sneak by Grandma game.

Snuggles for Papa.
Getting bigger!!
You can't catch me!!
Aurora getting attention.
She's loving it!!
Tell us a story Kai.
We love books!!
I don't know how he fit in there!!
Too fast....Help!!
Look at me.
Grandma Rosemary.

It is crazy how fast time is flying and that summer is coming to an end. My Mom and Dad left today. We had a great time with them. The boys were completely spoiled and loved every minute of it. They definitely deserved it. Kai is just getting bigger and bigger every day! Last Friday he had his 2 week check up and was up to 9lbs. 7oz and was 22 1/2 inches. I must produce miracle grow in my milk!! He is doing wonderful. The boys can't get enough of him and neither can we!!!