Thursday, November 18, 2010


They are done with pictures.....can you tell!
No Colten in this one.
Being silly with Grandma Rosemary and Papa Tom
Couldn't get Kai in this one. We love you Granny!! They sure loved this poor butterfly.
Dave and Cousin Nick
Uncle Clair

Kai and Granny
Colten and Uncle Clair
The boys new football from Clair and Nick
Mom, Matthew (my brother), Me
Good looking huh!!!

Papa Tom
Granny's house.


He loves bugs!

Great Grandma Glasco's house.

Great Grandma Glasco
Big kid on a little horse!

They love there Granny!!

Granny's slippers.

We were finally able to make it back to Nebraska this summer. It was our last celebration of summer and thank goodness for the warm, well hot weather. It was a short trip but it was fun. The boys were so good and we had so much fun seeing everyone. Hopefully next summer it'll be a longer trip and we'll go when we have Hayden here. There are a lot of pics and I have had a hard time keeping up with this blog so I won't be labeling them all....much love to all.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kai is 1!!!!!!!!!

This looks cool!
How do I get this out of here?
I love this face!!
Sweet boy!
I love my new toys!!
Mmmm cake!
Is there something on my face?
Hey this is pretty good!
I am ready for cake!
Make a wish.
Mommy loves you!!!
Good looking boys!
Cam and Colten picked out this cake.
Kai's new ride.
Brothers like to help!
Ooooh what's this?
What's in here?

Man.......time sure flies. How can this sweet busy little angel be one?!!??? Kai has brought so much joy and laughter into this house. He is such a funny little guy. He is saying a lot of words....Momma, Dadda, what's that, kitty (ditty), bite (when he is hungry). He is a great little walker now and loves getting into everything and putting everything in his mouth!! He loves his brothers so much and they just adore him. We love you Kai our little angel. Couldn't imagine our lives without you. Happy Birthday baby boy!!!!!